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ε(b)<ξ(b), ξ(b)>Reζn+η.

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V(c*), γ1, ..., γn, γn+1=γ(b)

ιr(a0, b)-π-1ξ(b)μ(a0, b)-π-1ξ(b), μ(b, b)μ¯(b, b)π-1(ξ(b)-ξ(b))+2

u(a0, b)-1πξ(b)μ(a0, c*)-1πξn(c*)+2-nf(η3),

lim(μ(a0, b)-1πξ(b))=limb(μ(a0, b)-1πξκ(b)).

varlimsup(μ(a0, b)-1πξn(b))=varlimsupb(μ(a0, b)-1πξ(b))

u(a0, b)-μ(a0, b)=μ(b, b)μ¯(b, b)π-1(ξ(b)-ξ(b)).

varliminf(μ(a0, b)-1πξn(b))=varliminfb(μ(a0, b)-1πξ(b)),

varlimsup(μ(a0, b)-1πξ(b))varliminfb(μ(a0, b)-1πξ(b)).

varlimsup(μ(a0, b)-1πξ(b)-2)varliminfb(μ(a0, b)-1πξm(b)).

u¯(c*, b)=j=1n+1μj1π(ξ(b)-ξ(c*))+2-j=1nf(ξj-ξj),


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